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01 June 24

Ady Something - Sundown Session live at The Redan (Mix 01062)

Ady Something launched the first Sundown Session at The Redan, as the sun went down and the cocktails flowed.

Dive into the invigorating vibes of this deep/melodic house mix, crafted for that magical moment as the the suns dips below the horizon while you sip a Blackberry Mezcal Margarita.

“It’s over now if we run out of love”

10 May 24

Matt Something - Permit me to inform you of my desire (Mix 0524)

Matt Something provides a mix of ecclectic BBQ rollers for your listening pleasure.

This mix unites club sounds with jazz instrumentation and infectious, immersive, electronic and synth disco melodies.

A fitting mix for James Murphy’s Daymoves venue in Brooklyn or your back garden

“Late afternoon or at midnight”.

04 Apr 24

Turntable Media - networking night

It was a pleasure to be invited down to Turntable Media’s HQ in Wokingham, Berkshire for their first networking night.

Turntable Media (TT)  is a one stop shop for any musician, band, manager, or agency. Covering all areas of media for projects and campaigns. There were multiple artists representing their art across various genres. We were given the gift of listening to the artists showcasing new music, from very rough demo’s to virtually completed tunes that are due for release soon. Alex West from BBC Berkshire was present to give valuable feedback, alongside TT’s engineer and Producer Brandon James.

One thing that was very clear from the evening, was that we are blessed to have so much talent in our area and a community we’re proud to be involved with. Check back to the Hub soon to see and hear content from some of these artists.

11 Feb 24

Puma Theory - oakford social club

It’s always a real privilege when we are asked to DJ as support for any band, but every now and then there’s a night that feels a bit different – like something’s really brewing – and Saturday 10th Feb at the Oakford was one of them.

The Nations United, Deva St John and of course the lovely Puma Theory gave it proper large and showed the place just how accomplished they all are.

All three bands deserve to get heard and seen much more, and from the pogo-ing down front when the Pumas were in full flow, it’s going to happen.

We put some weird beepy, crunchy, funky rollers over the speakers too, nodded our heads, and had a blast.

29 Jan 24

Guest mix jan '24 - bailo

Honorary 19 Something DJ Bailo takes us on a Weatherallesque hoof around his house of beats.

Bailo is usually seen behind the decks at The Social in London, a free thinking boundary pushing destination for open minded drinkers, keen listeners and late night thinkers. Immerse yourself in that vibe with this mix, as Bailo takes you on a trip.  

“Beep Beep”